Oriental Mindoro¬†is a province of the Philippines located in the eastern part of the island of Mindoro, southwest of Manila. In Tagalog the province is referred to as Silangang Mindoro which means “Eastern Mindoro”; in Spanish it is known as Mindoro Oriental.

At the north end of Oriental Mindoro is the town of Puerto Galera, a popular resort town for tourists and underwater divers. Puerto Galera was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in the 1970s. Most of the endemic marine species (approximately 2,983) in the Philippines are found in the Verde Island Passage between Mindoro island and the main island of Luzon.

Oriental Mindoro is composed of 14 municipalities with Calapan being the provincial capital. The majority (70%) of the population are engaged in agriculture and fishing and with only 30% living in urban centers. Tagalog is the main language spoken in the province.

The original inhabitants of Oriental Mindoro are the Mangyans mainly living now in the highlands.

The western part of Mindoro island is Occidental Mindoro.